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The Sports Decision Makers Summit series will focus on the themes and topics at the top of the agendas of the most senior people in sport.

Our promise is incisive, illuminating and highly practical discussions and keynote presenters selected for their ability to inspire and motivate as well as to inform.

Sport Business Decision Makers Summits go beyond the broad theory and self-promotion which characterises so many other sports sector events.

Instead, by focusing on the ways sports business should react to the trends and issues, challenges and opportunities identified in our research we will deliver real value measured in actionable business intelligence.

While the precise focus of each session will be determined by the results of research currently under way, the themes for our 2019 events will include:


  • How does the stadium experience compete with TV?
  • Maximising the value of the stadium asset.


  • How to make sponsorship pay in a changed media and commercial environment.
  • Rethinking the value of athlete endorsement.


  • How sport is consumed and what will fans pay for.
  • Second screen and social media – Creating value to generate revenue.
  • Content availability and piracy – In an OTT world, is profit being sacrificed for outdated principle?


  • Complement or competition: Is sport’s ‘ can’t beat them so join them’ attitude to esports healthy and financially productive in the long run?


  • Fan attitudes to betting and its financial and cultural impact on sport.


  • High profile sports investors deliver an assessment of the market and how prevailing trends, conditions and opportunities shape their decisions.


  • From tickets sales to merchandise and premium event packages, every club and promoter needs to create a sales funnel which draws in new fans and enables them to sell new products and services to established fans. Our research provides the basis for discussion on what works and what falls flat among a generation of fans bombarded by multi-media sales messages.


  • With numerous referenda suggesting the public is disenchanted with the current ways of awarding and funding major sports events around the world, our survey is designed to identify what is driving negative sentiment to fuel a discussion in what steps can be taken to create a more healthy and beneficial bidding and hosting environment.

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